Aurora Borealis - Isle of Skye - 17th January 2013

Huge thanks to Tim at Tim Wilcock Photography for allowing me to display his amazing photographs of the Aurora, taken from his own back door, just outside Portree on Skye.

Aurora Borealis - Isle of Skye - 13th October 2012


How thrillling to have a 2nd display of the Aurora Borealis in the space of 1 week.   Once again we must thank Rosie & Woody from Landscapes365 for braving the cold night air to bring us these fabulous photographs.


Aurora Borealis - Isle of Skye - 8th October 2012

Having texted guests an Aurora alert, I was thrilled when they texted later that evening to say they were watching the Aurora.  


Huge thanks to Rosie & Woody, photographers at Landscapes365 on Skye, who captured some fantastic photographs of the phenomena....